Library Access browser tool

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Library Access browser tool

We are piloting a new browser tool which is due to fully launch for the start of the new academic year.  However, you can try it out now!

Library Access makes it easier to access UEA Library online resources off-campus.

         It lets you know when you are on a website that contains UEA licensed material

         Helps you get logged-in to the website for access

         Checks for open access alternatives when a journal article isn’t available through UEA Library.

         Saves you time because you can get access where you are searching.

It’s available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (coming soon Edge) and it’s free!

What does it do?

Library Access is a browser tool that gives you quick and easy access to academic articles, journals and databases licensed by UEA library, wherever you are.

When off-campus, Library Access will let you know when you are on a website with content that UEA Library has access to.  A pop-up will help you login (with your UEA username/password). Once you are logged in, you can view our licensed content.

If content is not available off-campus or you need to do something different, the Library Access pop-up will tell you that too.

If UEA Library does not have access to a particular journal article, Library Access will check if there is an OpenAccess version for you or give you the option to try an Interlending request.  This function will developed to include e-books soon.

Watch the video

How do I get it?

Library Access is available to download on PCs and laptops (coming soon for mobile devices) for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (coming soon for Edge).

Simply Download from here and select University of East Anglia from list.

Choose UEA

If you don’t want to see pop-ups and just want to go straight to the UEA login box, tick ‘Skip the pop up and automate my access’

Skip pop-ups

And away you go!

Library Access is also available for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on UEA Staff PCs/laptops only via the Service Centre.  Find out how to install for IE11

View Library Access FAQs

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